Grow Together

Grow Together is the slogan of Group Learning. With that promise our community helps young people to improve themselves in every aspect of their life.

Our values

Our five values define who we are. They are a guideline for self-development, helping and learning.


“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to travel far, go together.” Our interest is to improve to world as much as possible. To achieve that we need to combine our strengths and learn from each other. We may have different believes and different specialties but we can still learn from and with each other. That’s why community is the first of our core values

How we impliment it

To strengthen our community, we have presentation evenings and monthly meetups. Our community is divided into several teams. These teams have monthly get togethers where they exchange their ideas


100 years ago, the world needed conformity, now and in the future there is nothing more important for problem solving than individuality. Our own outlook on the world makes it possible for us to create solutions for problems, other people could have never seen. Furthermore, individuality makes us human, we don’t perform equally as good in science, business, sports and art, but we are all extraordinarily good in one area. We can’t wait for school to catch up with the modern science of learning that’s why our third core value is individuality.

How we impliment it

Our teams, consisting of normally 6-8 people, make it possible for us to nurture the abilities and interests of our members. The leader of the team is therefore one of the most important personalities in Group Learning. He/She helps his/her team members to improve. The teamleader works for his team members and helps them, so they can become the person they want to be.


The word “Learning” is not just in the name of our community it also sits in the head of every single one of our members. Improving is learning, reading a book is learning, doing an Oli on a skateboard is learning, sitting on the floor, eyes closed and trying to think about nothing is learning. The urge to learn makes us who we are. As soon as we open our eyes and look at the face of our mother we start to observe. The urge to learn is natural, and the second of our core values.

How we implement it

Every month every team has a meetup where they discuss certain topics like their life goals, politics, art etc. The focus is always on “How can I make a difference?”


To insult a friend can destroy a friendship, to help a peer with his/her work can result in a happy smile, to rescue a cat from an animal shelter may result in a happy life. To know that your actions have consequences (doesn’t matter if good or bad) leads to a happier and more deliberate life, for yourself and the beings around you. Self-Responsibility – our fourth core value.

How we implement it

The most important event of our community are the monthly presentation evenings, where everybody has the chance to showcase what they have worked on the last months. To learn more about our learning system click here


Your time is your most valuable asset. You can collect money but you can’t get your time back. Managing your time, energy and attention is therefore one of the most important skills you need to have in your life to spend it as efficient, effective and happy as you want it to be.

How we impliment it

With our monthly learning periods we implemented a system that increases the productivity of our members radically. Furthermore by getting into a community that is productive you automatically also become more productive, because of the social influence.  

The learning system

Our standard system for learnings is combined out of four steps. These steps are called a learning period. One learning period is 4 weeks long but you can also work on your topic for 8 weeks (or two learning periods).

1. Choose what you love

At Group Learning we believe that learning can only occur if people show active interest in their topics. That’s why at the beginning of every learning period every member may choose a learning area he/she wants to know more about.

Examples of already elaborated topics: intergalactic engines; meditation; mind-palace; etc.

2. Work on it

Now is the time to work on your topic, you can research with books, the internet or anything else. There is also a possibility to conduct experiments (E.g. meditation as a self-experiment).

3. Final Document

All your findings should now be summarized in a word file that will be made available to every member of Group Learning. This way we can learn a lot about many different topics in a short period of time.

4. Present your findings

The final point is an optional one, but we recommend everyone to do it. The fourth step doesn’t just teach you the important skill of presenting, it also makes you more confident in front of crowds. By learning presenting, you learn to express your ideas, which is one of the most important things if you want to influence the world.